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I watch as my husband slumbers from the sofa to the kitchen where he retrieves a can of coke from the fridge. I can’t help but to reflect on the 80 billion dollar per year industry we know as soft drinks. Personally, I don’t care for soda, it’s not an i’m better than you for being able to go without it thing, I just don’t have a taste for sugar… put a bowl of pasta in front of me and well, you can bet i’ll eat it until i’m so full i’ll have to roll to my next appointment. We all have vices.

For almost three weeks he has been complaining of back pain- which collectively we wrote off as pains from his job as a landscaper and firefighter. So naturally when he continued to groan in pain, I had a revelation… lots of coke, sharp pain….could he have kidney stones?

I can’t imagine what the soda is doing to his insides, by now most of us have seen what coke will do to a dirty penny, or rusty piece of metal. It’s not just hearsay either- it’s fructose that has been linked to kidney stones due to the fact it increases the excretion of calcium, oxalate and uric acid which has been found to cause them. By all means, fructose is found in many items besides soda, but couple that with the plethora of other bad ingredients- there’s no good argument left.

“When I discovered SAP I was so intrigued, and was hopeful that I had finally found a worthy replacement for my husband and his viciously unhealthy relationship with coke. He’s hard to please, and loves sugar, so trying to position the SAP in a way that would appeal to him felt difficult, yet surprisingly it was not”

Sap Maple Soda, only has 3 Ingredients!

-Maple Sap


-Citric Acid

It’s an all natural product. With only 80 Calories, 18 g of sugar – it’s macros are more inline with a seltzer than a soda.

Researcher’s believe that Maple Sap can prevent gastric ulcers, as well as lower blood pressure, it’s rich in antioxidants and has been proven to support bone health.

When the box came in the mail, the 30 year old child couldn’t wait to open it. “it’s not for you I laughed jokingly” but truthfully, it was, and I couldn’t contain my excitement. Inside the box was three four packs of SAP, a Maple Soda, A Maple Seltzer and a Birch Water. Each product features a brightly colored label and can holster. The cans are visually appealing and I could tell he was intrigued. “Can I try it? Can I try it?” he’d repeat as I tried to take photos of the cans intact before they were ravaged.

Once the preliminary photos were done, I offered up a can of the maple soda – snatching it from my hand he retreated to his spot on the sofa, where he proceeded to look the label over before finally cracking it open.

“Pssshhh” (the sound of carbonation) which he audibly associates with his precious coke. I’m waiting, watching like a hunter sitting in a tree stand, my eyes are glued on the buck and his next move. His arm begins to rise and the can begins to tip as he puts the aluminum to his mouth and takes a swig.

Silence. Silence. Grunts. Silence. “I like it…”

Well that was easy. Success!

Me personally? I really loved the Maple Soda and the Maple Seltzer! The Birch Water I can’t wait to try as a mixer. It certainly has a flavor that people will either like or dislike, but is the healthiest of the three. I’m looking forward to trying this product as a mixer, stay tuned for the recipes.

Over the next few weeks you’ll see more on our website from this amazing company, located in Burlington, Vermont. Stay tuned for the article coming up shortly on the history of SAP and my interview with co-founder Chas Smith. The mission of SAP is much like ours, and is founded on principals and ideals that are becoming increasingly difficult to find during these changing times.

This post was sponsored by Sap, but I promise you that I will never write an article about something I don’t like, or didn’t enjoy. I am a firm believer in honestly, integrity and authenticity. Sap is located in 700 stores through out New England, but we’ll save you a drive to the store, you can just order it on amazon now!

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Writing & Photos: Nicole Goncalves

This post was sponsored by SAP. We received products in exchange for our review and in the mean time, we shared with all our friends and had a little fun. 🙂 For more information on our sponsored content, visit our privacy policy.