Wakefield Un-common Antiques

Although winter is in full swing, there is no wrong time to go antiquing. I feel that it is every New Englanders favorite pass time- or I would like to imagine it is, anyway. There is something so romantic about finding an item or a piece of furniture that has been pre-owned, a story behind everything in the shop.

I have been on a mission to find a cheval mirror- not just any cheval though, one that has been sitting in someone’s attic for at least 50 years, till their children’s children, finally decided to clean out the house and sell everything in it. I want that mirror to be the one that Granda Betty took one last look in, right before she wed the love of her life- or the mirror her granddaughter would use to flaunt in front of while playing dress up. I’ll take anything with a happy backstory.

Wakefield Un-common Antiques is just how I imagined it to be- a quaint little shop in a charming New England town. Worn books lying on glass tables- old typewriters with their covers open, on display. Everything an experienced scavenger or just a passerby looking to feel time would most likely be in this “store of memories” on the corner.

Just like all the items in the shop, the residence that houses them also has an intriguing story. 306 Main Street was built c. 1800 by Benjamin Brown Wiley, a wealthy shoe manufacturer, and real estate investor. Benjamin also stayed very active around town, serving on many boards and committees.

The house was initially structured to be Benjamin’s shoe factory, building separate residents next door, as his family home. He would then give that house to his son and move back to 306 main street, which all these years later is home to Wakefield Un-common Antiques.

Although I didn’t obtain that cheval mirror, I so desperately have been searching for; I am now the proud new owner of April 1942 issue of Life magazine and a copy of Little Orphan Annie, so I didn’t entirely strike out, right?

Blog Post by: Amanda Olsen

Photos by: Amanda Olsen

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