The Goshen Fair, Goshen CT

The aroma of hot apple crisp wafts through the crowd as we stand in line to get our tickets. It reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen in late September. The air is filled with appealing smells like peppers & onions and my favorite fair food, fried dough.

There are many traditional food vendors at the Goshen Fair, in addition to a handful of locally owned food trucks, like low n’ slow BBQ. It’s become evident that an artisanal food movement is taking place, and visitors are looking for a food ‘experience’. Many vendors are switching to higher quality ingredients as well as focusing on their esthetic and overall presentation.

Once you’ve satisfied your taste buds, it’s time to see the animals. In designated barns, sheep, cows, pigs and bunnies are on display. Within minutes you’ll be transported to your childhood. One look at the piglet pen will leave you scheming up ways to find this type of happiness in your day to day routine… but worry not, you’ll quickly forget about owning one, once you see how big they get.

From the AG barns, we make our way southwest where a monster truck show is getting ready to take place. The Boston FMX team is taking turns doing tricks off a 60′ jump.

A young girl sings the national anthem, and seemingly out of nowhere comes a monster school bus called “Higher Education” and the crowd goes wild.

When the truck show ends, we make our way towards the amusements. After sunset the fair becomes alive with the music from a live band, accompanied by the shrieks and shrills of thrill-seeking ride goers.

Though we all enjoy different aspects of the fair, we are all soaking up the last moments of summer. Within a matter of days, school will start again and before we know it, warm September days will turn into chilly October nights.

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