Skincare with Block Island Organics

When was the last time you put sunscreen on your face in the fall, or even winter. We all know that the sun’s harmful UV rays are out to get us year round, but somehow we always fail to take skincare precautions when we’re bundled up in our down coats.

I was first introduced to Block Island Organics a few years back when the company was first getting off the ground and i’ve used them ever since.

Instantly I was drawn to their name, Block Island – one of my favorite New England places, but what’s behind the name is an even stronger mission to provide users with safe, efficient products.

I made a short video about the three of the four products I use in my skincare regimen and have conveniently linked them through amazon affiliates for you to try yourself.

1.) Purifying Facial Cleanser

The purifying facial cleanser is a light, fragrance free wash that doesn’t have harsh ingredients. It’s packed with antioxidant rich organic and natural botanicals to remove build-up, impurities, dirt, and makeup. It’s also gentle on sensitive skin and great for men and women.

2.) Revitalizing Night Cream

I personally like to use this cream as my daily morning moisturizer, though Block Island Organics has a daily SPF cream available. I find that it keeps my dry skin feeling hydrated all day and is slightly heavier, yet still non-greasy. With organic ingredients like avocado, rosehip, lotus bean, it’s a product rich in botanicals and natural antioxidants. The result is a facial moisturizer dense in vitamin C and vitamin E that deeply nourishes the skin.

#3. Natural Mineral Sunscreen. SPF 30

Is an award winning Best Beach & Sport Sunscreen by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Perfect for days at the beach, or simply just outside. Perfect for use on your face and body. No matter what time of year, remind yourself to protect your skin with a lightweight SPF. Know what you’re putting on your skin, no harsh chemicals, paraben & sulfate free as well as non-toxic.

This post was not sponsored by Block Island Organics. It is a true account of products I use daily and think you might enjoy. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

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