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Libra’s love change” exclaims Linda Temkin as she removes a pair of tortoise colored glasses and places them on the table in front of her. It’s a revived butchers block, over 10 feet long. Though it’s momentarily covered in cosmetic supplies, paperwork, and packaging materials it anchors the room and makes a bold design statement.

It’s all part of a working landscape at Lulu | The Face Company located at 4 North Street Litchfield, CT (The old jailhouse) Here, Linda operates a small retail boutique, offers custom blending services as well as hosts parties and does facials.

In the background a camera shutters three times and I stare up at the ceiling. I’m entranced by the texture in this space alongside its rich history. From the brick walls to the wood ceiling and the barred jailhouse doors hanging in the corner, every facet is begging to tell a story.

While each story that has been told here is important; how one woman is single handedly reinventing our thoughts on beauty — that’s my favorite.

Temkin’s previous business, Les Beaux Vous offered a variety of services such as hair, massage, facials and makeup. For over 25 years she operated the day spa as an extension of herself and passion for health, beauty and wellness.

Les Beaux Vous was where she began creating her custom makeup line almost 7 years ago, but found overtime that the day to day operations of running an established day spa didn’t coincide with her true passion of having her own beauty line.

If I wanted my custom line to take off, I knew I had to give something up” Linda says, and recalls joking with her younger sister Tammy about quitting their day jobs. Ultimately that’s exactly what Linda did.

After selling Les Beaux Vous to a co-worker in 2016, Temkin headed towards Litchfield with her sights set on the jailhouse building. After waiting a year for the space to undergo renovations she moved in and set up shop, officially opening her door in the Spring of 2018.

All set mom” says Linda’s son Clark, photographer behind the outstanding product photos. It’s only 3 pm on a Tuesday but it feels like 6. It’s seasonably cold and it’s pouring buckets. The room is warm in contrast to the air outside so the three of us just sit and look out the window at Litchfield’s Main Street.

Linda turns towards me and smiles “want to make a cheek balm?” Of course I do! Clark has to leave so we start setting up. She puts down three pigments on a plastic template and mixes them with a palette knife to create the base color. Next, she adds a shimmering bronzer as well as a moisturizer. Just like that a new product is born. We name it, Bronzed Rose.

I’m smitten with the process of custom blending makeup and additionally all of the other offerings at Lulu such as the ready to use products made in Vermont (one of the strictest states on beauty regulations).

One of my favorite ready to use products besides Lulu’s eye palettes and lipsticks is the infusions line, a collection of serums made to be used by themselves or as an additive to your favorite Lulu moisturizer. Time bombs, are another great product Lulu offers, a botox alternative in capsule form, used twice per day can destroy lines and wrinkles leaving healthier younger skin.

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