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Winter Is definitely here in New England! What a better way to pass the time indoors, daydreaming of warmer weather, than to look at pretty pictures of historic homes! The one i’m going to show you today is quite unique, not only because of its age, but for its “spooky” history.

Last May, my niece came to visit from Utah, Since she loves haunted houses, I decided to take her to one of the most haunted places in New England, The Lizzie Borden House. Without doubt, this house stands apart from its neighbors – do to its infamy. In 1882, a young woman named Lizzie Borden supposedly took an axe to her father, Andrew Borden, as well as her Stepmother, Abby Borden. She was arrested and tried for the murders, but was acquitted in 1893. As gruesome is the story is, The home is now a popular Bed and Breakfast, which also offers walking tours, 7 days a week. This paranormal hot spot, attracts believers and skeptics from near and far! As for Lizzie, well her story has been one for fascination for over 100 years, and surely will continue to be in the future.

From the exterior, the colonial is quite attractive, painted a historical shade of green, with darker green shutters. In the back of the house is a matching carriage house/ barn. Though that’s an awful lot of green- it works visually. Unfortunately it’s not the original color, which may have been a peach or a salmon color. Additionally, the barn in the back has been turned into a gift shop. There I bought a Lizzie Borden bobble head. It’s a little bit creepy, but I suppose not any more than this house.

The attic space has also been transformed to accommodate more guests. I’m thinking an Olsen family reunion is in order, the main question being who will sleep in Lizzie Borden’s attic!

There is a real history here, and I was imperative that we follow suit and re-enact the infamous seen as all the visitors do. So, we did the photo where ‘one person lies on the sofa and pretends to get whacked with an axe’ …horrible, yet funny, or just horribly funny.

I can’t wait to go back to this beautifully haunting place. preferably on a cold dreary day, in late October! Would you go for a visit? And the even bigger question, could you stay for an overnight here?

The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast is located at 230 second street, Fall River, MA, 02721

To make a reservation: (508) 675-7333

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Write up: Amanda Olsen

Photos: Amanda Olsen