Gideon Cornell House, C. 1765

Delightful Newport. You can’t not be happy while visiting this alluring and graceful town. I call it the classiest of all the New England coastal towns. It was also the first I visited when moving here from the Western United States, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

People go to Newport to tour the mansions, or stroll the Cliff Walk. I go to house stalk all the simple, quaint, historic houses that were so prevalent to Newport in the 1800 century. One in particular, is the Gideon Cornell House, C. 1765, is a wonderfully basic, two story half house, also known as the three-bay plan, and is located on it’s original site, which I totally love. It helps me paint a better picture of the surroundings and lifestyle during time it was built. My favorite part of the house, the doorway, actually isn’t part of the original house. just like nowadays, the doorways were a quick fix in keeping up with the most current style. I’m pretty sure this is a Georgian style doorway. I’m more of a Wrap-Around Porch kind of girl, but this doorway is totally working, and this house is absolutely breathtaking.

So, if you are ever in Newport, take some time to look at all these little hidden gems. Just like those big mansions, there is a ton of history to them, and like I said before, I’m a simple gal, and I like to learn about how all the common folk went about their lives. Beautifully basic houses, and all.

– Amanda Olsen