Flavors of New England – Ice Cream Guide

Like most kids growing up in Connecticut; my brother and I always knew when the end of summer was near. The tobacco leaves would be harvested and hung from the barn rafters right before it was time to return to school. Within two weeks time we would need to finish our summer reading, say goodbye to weekends on the boat and start thinking about bag lunches instead of our favorite summer foods like clam fritters and ice cream.

For New Englander’s; Ice Cream captures the essence of summer, and though summer 2018 is quickly approaching its end, there is still time to capture some of the amazing flavors our friends around New England are making for the fall season!

We’ve recruited the help of our readers to divulge their favorite spots and we’ve got the scoop!







Did you know:

Ben & Jerry’s now makes 9 certified vegan & organic, 100% non-GMO flavors! Check them out here!

Have you ever made your own ice cream? The Cruisinart Automatic Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker is one of our favorite introductory machines for making Ice Cream at home. Available at Target, or via the amazon link above. In less than 20 minutes you can create your own unique flavors, have a super-cool ice cream party, OR how about hosting a little ice cream making and tasting competition with your friends?

don’t forget to tell us in the comments where your favorite Ice Cream place is, and of course, your favorite flavor!!

Happy Scoops!

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