Exploring Waitsfield, VT (Mad River Valley, Pt. 2)

Over the hill and through the woods we enter into Waitsfield Vermont. A charming little town that’s bustling with summer visitors, local artisan shops, restaurants and some of the most adorable inn’s. We’re headed over to The Mad River Green shops to meet Annemarie Furey, owner and creator of the clothing line and micro-brand Product Think Tank.

The brand offers classically crafted fine gauge knitwear in natural fibers such as wool and cotton at affordable prices. It’s evident when you run your hand over each piece the quality that is laced into each garment from the wooden buttons on the mens pull overs to the fine detailing on the back of a ladies vest.

“Natural Fibers. Natural Trims. Sourced in Democracies.” is Annemarie’s mission at Product Think Tank which also offers other services such as market & product research, product design, sourcing and development.

Her store offers a unique blend of casual items such as pullovers and hoodie style sweaters to dresses, shrugs and vests. The shop has a light and airy feel which invites you in to shop while the simplicity of the decor puts the focus on the her products.

One of my favorite pieces is the Full Cotton Hoodie.

It’s delightfully wearable, offered in a variety of summer and fall colors that are perfect for chilly evenings or mornings near the ocean.

Annemarie’s attention to detail is evident in each piece and through the design of her shop where she curates her clothing to be delicately displayed on antique pieces placed throughout the store – which prove her desire to preserve history while creating the future.

Shopping takes a lot of energy – in the early afternoon we head across the parking lot to a The Mad River Taste Place – an artisanal cheese shop that sells locally made foods, cheeses and beverages.

On the main street theres plenty of shops. From The Store (pictured below) to the Artisan’s Gallery, to additional clothing boutiques and the Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design.

Outside, if the heat is unrelenting, just head 10 minutes down the road to the beautiful Warren Falls! Here, hundreds of thousands of years have carved away the granite rock into natural slides with deep crystal clear swimming pools on multiple tiers of the falls. Hiking is in abundance here, and there’s no better place to take a dip and cool off.

Photo via Flickr

Once you work up an appetite again (yes there’s lots of food involved when you come to Mad River Valley) head back into town to The Mad Taco. (Caleb Garby, pictured below makes the best Margarita) and the kimchi tacos – those weren’t too shabby either.

As full as you’ll be if you follow in our footsteps – you cannot leave Vermont without getting a Creemee. If you’re wondering what a creemee is, don’t worry, I didn’t know what it was either. Creemee’s are what Vermonter’s call soft serve ice cream, and at many creemee stands, flavors and unique toppings are what create the full experience.

The ride home is enough to prove how beautiful Vermont is. Barns, Cows and Mountains dot the sprawling countryside. You have to see this place for yourself! Don’t wait to visit Waitsfield!

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