Discovering Acadia National Park, Maine

Envision the perfect East Coast destination! A place where all elements of land, sea and sky come together to create a landscape so magical you’ll wish to never leave, and beg for your return each following season.

A bald eagle spies down on playful beach goers from a barren treetop as cyan waves crash in harmony upon the sandy shore. Bikers make their way around the Park Loop Trail as hikers peer down from the granite summit of Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak in Hancock County.

Nestled in between the rocky hamlets and back coves of mid-coastal Maine, just three hours from Portland, all 47,000 Acres of Acadia National Park are calling you to come explore.

Today, I’m relaxing on Sand Beach and tempting my fate with the 55 degree water – I watch as small children plunge in and out, yet I can barely get in up to my knees before I start to quiver and question my ability to take a solid breath.

The water will warm up in a few weeks, and until then there is plenty more to discover here. I drive the Park Loop Trail and pull over to discover the next breathtaking view. I’m in awe of the way the cerulean water crashes upon the granite shore.

Just minutes from the National Park is the quintessential town of Bar Harbor. Weekly passes are required to enter Acadia National Park and are available at the entrance for $30.

The highlight of my time in Acadia meeting new people, including the Kazmierczak Family of Scranton, PA. I offered to photograph their family plunge into the freezing water and here are some of the shots I got!

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