Brace Mountain Summit from Mt.Washington Road, Salisbury CT

The rattling hum of cicadas is just one instrument in natures orchestra. A collaborative effort amongst wildlife and mother earth; offering to all who listen, a free concert in the worlds most beautiful venue, the woods.

High above in the tree tops a northern wind rustles. We witness the beginning of fall as leaves twirl to the ground, finding their forever home along the rocky riverbed trail.

Our sights are set northwest towards the summit of Brace Mountain, the highest peak in Dutchess County, New York with trailhead access in three states: Millerton (New York), Salisbury (Connecticut) and Egremont (Massachusetts).

We enter at the Paragliders Parking Lot, located on Mount Washington Road, in Salisbury, CT. This trailhead can be accessed from Mt. Riga to the south or through the Mount Everett Reservation area to the north.

The hike is approximately 1.6 miles in and 1.6 miles out, a total of 3.2 miles. For a majority of the walk the trail is wide, resembling an auto road and also at times a dried up river bed. In the beginning the trail is primarily flat with patches of grass and loose rock and changes about 3/4 way in, as you incline up towards the summit along a narrower rockier trail. It is important to know that this section of the trail is not marked by signage or colors. You will not encounter trail markings until you get to the summit area where it will prompt you to go left or right.

The summit yields incredible views of Dutchess County, NY at 2,311 feet above sea level. It features a cairn with a wind direction flag for Paragliders. From the summit you can overlook the township of Boston Corners directly below and the sprawling dairy farms that dot the countryside.

The weather was 67 at the summit. About 71 on the trail and around 73 in Salisbury town. I wore my Highland Dress from Eastern Mountain Sports. I love hiking in lightweight active-wear dresses in the summer they’re easy, comfortable and airy.

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